On-Board Photonics expands bandwidth and reduces power consumption

As demand for data bandwidth grows, CPO and on-board optics enable a reduction of the power consumption per bit while achieving higher channel densities.

Both concepts are not new per se – in this overview article, featured in photonics spectra, we discuss the concepts of our embedded waveguide technology and how it can be interfaced with other components.

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Live Demo in cooperation with COBO at ECOC Basel 2022

vario-optics is a recent member of the multimode waveguide interconnect working group led by COBO (consortium for on-board optics).

Together with COBO we are working on developing novel solutions for increased data-rates and reduced power consumption using photonic technologies.

At ECOC 2022 in Basel we did a live-Demo of our fully-assembled, multimode Electro-Optical Circuit Board:


  • High-Speed electrical design with 20 layers
  • optical waveguide layer in the center containing low-loss multimode waveguides
  • Total on-board throughput of 1.2 TBit/s over 48 optical channels.

See our Demoboard Whitepaper