Light Guiding


Generally it is no problem to realize complex routed light guides even to places which are not accessible by other means.

Splitters and combiners, lenses, tapers, crossings, etc. can easily be obtained with high reproducibiliy by using a photolithographic process enabling highly integrated and cost-effective electro-optical sensor solutions.

This is a significant advantage over fiber based solutions, where the implementation of such structures is much more costly.

Photonic Sensors

Singlemode couplers and interferometric structures are basis for complex, miniaturized photonic sensors.

This results in unprecedented new options for their challenging applications.

Photonic Sensors


Data / Telecom / ICT


The fact that optical waveguides hardly influence each other allows the realization of much higher integration densities compared to electrical high-speed data transmission.

Electro-optical circuit boards can be built up without the use of expensive high-frequency materials.

Therefore, very cost effective, high-speed data transmission systems can be realized using vario-optics’ planar waveguide technology.

Coupling solutions for PIC packaging

There are many advantages of using vario-optics waveguide technology to connect PICs  (Photonic Integrated Circuits) to fibres.

You can use adiabatic coupling or butt-coupling to guide the light from the PIC to the fiber.

You can find more information in our Application Note or Technology Note

Optical Coupling Solutions for PICs