Planar Waveguide Technology


The basis of the vario-optics’ electro-optical printed circuit board technology is the optical layer. It can be attached to the substrate as an outer-layer, or it can be integrated as inner-layer, depending on the needs of the customer. The photolithographic manufacturing approach enables the implementation of virtually any planar optical system with excellent characteristics at lowest costs:

Light coupling

vario-optics light coupling technology provides you a very efficient and tolerant assembly process.

The required accuracy of the subsequent placement of the optical components is relatively low, which enables a cheap final assembly of the electro-optical components with conventional SMD pick & place machines.

We are capable of implementing butt-coupling or integrating of electro-optical components directly into the optical layer.

Light coupling

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vario-optics has extensive experience with a large variety of substrates, e.g. FR4, RF-materials, glass, silica

Our optical materials are of such a nature that they can even be used on flexible materials (polyimid).

Regular production runs with permanently improved quality control according to the standards for PCB production. For this, vario-optics ag has innstalled an excellent production infrastructure. The equipment is operated within a class 10’000 clean-room.

Process Capabilities