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The Leading Supplier of Electro-Optical Circuit Boards

vario-optics enables the miniaturization of photonic systems by embedding planar optical waveguides into PCB's (electro-optical circuit boards).

With this highly disruptive solution we provide to our customers the possibility to ensure their market leadership.

Our technology enables very competitive products in terms of pricing, performance and miniaturization.


vario-optics provides innovative embedded micro optic technology based on planar waveguides integrated on several substrates, eg. glass or PCB’s.


Applications & Markets

vario-optics technology is used in several markets, like data communications, sensor technology, medical and others.


vario-optics supports you with engineering services, like optical design, optical simulations and development of new, customer specific production processes.




19. – 21. September 2022

vario-optics invites you to visit us at “ECOC Exhibition”, Basel from 19th to 21st September.

We will show you our current optical waveguide technology and how it can support you in your new ways and ideas to guide light. Get an idea of optical miniaturization of functional optical structures, waveguides and photonic packaging.

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