W3 Fair + Convention

vario-optics invites you to visit us at "W3 Fair + Convention", Wetzlar from 25th to 26th February.

We are proud to show you our current optical waveguide technology and the latest development in the fields of miniaturization of functional optical structures, waveguides and photonic packaging.




With vario-optics into 2019


What has happened to the time that we are already busy writing the Christmas letter again? If you reflect on the past year, more and more things may come up, which occupied you privately or in business.

We, the members of the vario-optics team, did that also. Quite a few memories come up of exciting projects and the interesting solutions we were able to work out together with our customers. Various internal activities led again to an expansion of the technology portfolio, e.g. new materials and alternative manufacturing methods for optical waveguides. The installation of the new clean room was certainly one of the most outstanding events. The clean room is already partially in operation and will be fully qualified by the end of next March. We are very excited!

But all this is in fact secondary. Most important is that we can enjoy health and peace, together with our families and friends. We hope that you are also able to rejoice in this. We wish you all the best for the new year!

The vario-optics team